rocsana get fully booked testimonial

“My life, my career, my purpose, my relationships, the way I feel about who I am, what I can do (literally  EVERYTHING I set my mind to, the quality of my every day life has changed SO much that I really am grateful to be me – this version of now…right here, today! (How amazing is to be able to say that with a big bright smile?)

My own journey is now inspirational for a lot of people. They all ask: ‘How did you do it?’…and if I were to put my philosophy in a few words, I’d say this: If you want to be the best at something, you want to learn from the best. Simples.

Lenka is what some people would call the ‘real deal’. She is simply THE model of someone strong, dedicated to their purpose, unafraid to keep on changing and adapting to ever-changing economic environment in order to grow and follow their higher purpose. All this while guiding so many people on their own journeys.

So here is my personal, warm, high recommendation for this amazing trainer and coach, this business minded yet such warm hearted and giving entrepreneur that is Lenka Lutonska. If a decision for an excellent coach needs to be made, I can whole-heartedly tell you from my own experience. SHE IS IT.”

– Rocsana Hutanu, relationship coach



rita get fully booked testimonial.

“I’ve been in a business for three years, but I hit a standstill and didn’t know what to do to move my business forward. I was full of negativity, and I lacked confidence in myself. 

Lenka helped me to become much more confident and positive. I learned how to see good in all situations, and how to be powerful in my own, authentic way.

Within just a few months of working with Lenka, I have developed my first coaching programme and launched it with 12 people signing up for it. I also got an opportunity to present on the big stage, and share my story with hundreds of people. And, I traveled to Dubai and Indonesia to grow my business.

Working with Lenka has been an amazing experience. I cried when I first talked to her. Today I can easily cry again – but with happy tears!”

– Rita Grineviciene, FM Cosmetics


“I have always loved what I do, but I used to worry about money a lot – and wonder where the next client was coming from.

Since I started to work with Lenka I have quadrupled my client base. I got fully booked! My coaching diary is always full and I can honestly say – I am very successful at what I do. Lenka’s training, coaching, and guidance have been imperative in reaching the level of success I enjoy today. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about growing their business to work with Lenka. You will experience many miracles coming to your life.”

– Anjali Short, intuitive coach



isobel get fully booked testimonial

“I came to Lenka because I felt stuck and unable to move forward with my business. I wanted someone help me break the cycle. 

Lenka led me to resolve some deeply-seated issues that were getting in the way. 

Her approach is gentle and understanding, yet firm. Even though I brought a lot of issues to the sessions, Lenka intuitively knew what to do to keep me focused and see through the excuses, and get the blocks out of the way. 

I now have 4 times more clients than before, I am much more visible and confident and best of all, I know this is only the beginning!” 

– Isobel Gordon, Intuitive Healer

michelle testimonial

“I’ve been qualified as a coach since 2009, but I found it difficult to get my business off the ground. I tried, and I failed. Since then, my self-doubt was holding me back from starting my business again. 

Two months ago, I told myself  “enough is enough!” and I hired Lenka.
In the last two months, I have done more towards building my business than in the last four years. There is no time for procrastination (Lenka is very good at seeing through my excuses!) and I have a clear strategy to follow.
I’ve never felt this motivated, confident, and alive, and everyone around me is noticing the difference!
If you want to get your business off to a great start, invest in yourself and your business and hire Lenka. Just do it. You will be glad you did.” 
– Michelle C. Ellis, Educational Strategist

roberta testimonial

“I can never thank you enough Lenka! Not only you are one the kindest person I have ever met; you are an extremely intuitive and prepared professional coach. Not many out there are like you.

You helped me understanding my deepest thoughts and emotions; you helped me finding the courage and the confidence to move forward and do what is right for me. And above all, I know you will always be there whenever I will need you.
I wish you all the best. With love.”
– Roberta Sabbatini, Founder of Casa Roberta

agi testimonial
“Meeting Lenka was the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to be indecisive, had no self-confidence, and I felt I had no purpose in life. Lenka’s training and coaching opened up channels of possibilities that I didn’t see before. She made me realise that we do not only create our story but we can actually change it.”
– Agata Tothova, Women’s Empowerment Facilitator.


I first heard Lenka speak at one of the business events and was immediately impressed with the way she conducted herself:  slick, professional and very approachable. 

I had been considering working with a business coach, and Lenka seemed the perfect coach. I was right.  Lenka really listens, absorbs, and is very empathetic.  She understands my personal needs as well as business needs, and encourages me to put the two together to make a successful business. Lenka is very easy to talk to, positive and flexible.  I can call her for some advice and she will put me at ease immediately. 

I would highly recommend Lenka to anyone needing business coaching. 

 – Shelli Gafan, Recruitment Consultant



Lenka was my first ever coach, my first ever investment in myself, my first ever mentor… a woman of high standards, great values, big heart, caring, loving and supporting (and kicking ass too). 

Now I might have never told you Lenka this before, but the day we connected, my life began… Before I met you, I was dead on the inside, I didn’t know who I was, what I liked, what was I here to do… I was lost, completely and utterly – and broken too. I thought I was unrepairable. I lived on autopilot. I had no dreams, neither did I dare to dream. I thought there was no way out and the darkness will always surround me.

The day I have spoken to you for the first time, it was like streams of sunshine coming back into my life. You saw potential and posibilities for me, I failed to see for myself. Thanks to you I had the courage to look inside and deal with all the crap I have pushed back for years. And let me tell you ladies, I bet I was one of her hardest to deal with clients! The walls I have built up over the years werw so thick I thought I would never be able to break through some of them at all.

With your patience Lenka, genuine care, support, encouragement and love you had for me, when I stopped loving myself kept pushing me forward and not even a year later I have had such a journey from quitting 3 jobs to getting to know myself better to clearing some of the inner crap out in order to be able to share my story and build my own coaching business.

I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life. I can’t even imagine where I would have been without your expertise, guidance and loving care & also you taking stand for when I was not doing what was in my best interest. You have literally saved me years of emotional turmoil, collapsed the timeline for my personal and professional growth and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor who is genuine (and trust me I would know, I studied this woman – power of being detail orientated, I can process without realising I am, plus I am a great judge of a character), loving, knowledgeable, supportive, caring and no BS taking. Well you get the idea, it is 4 am so I am going to bed, but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you in my life.

– Tatiana Fecikova, Visibility Coach



I met Lenka just over a year ago, I was instantly drawn to her, her warmth and compassion and belief in what she does, I knew that when the time was right I would use Lenka’s services as a business coach. 

At the time I asked Lenka for help, my business was fully booked and doing well, so I wondered if I actually needed her help, as one of the things Lenka helps women with is to become fully booked, but also to be fully booked with your dream clients, and that’s what I wanted more of. Dream clients. After having a free consultation with Lenka I realised now was the time to ask for her help.   It was a big step for me as I am used to taking everything on myself.

I have spent the past 5 weeks working with Lenka on making steps to achieve more dream clients and getting the encouragement I need to focus on different areas of my business. Lenka gets right to the root of your thoughts, and what’s in your heart. She takes you right back to the beginning and makes you focus on exactly what you want to achieve and exactly how you are going to do this, by breaking things down into manageable sections. I found having tasks to complete before each session was a great incentive to get things done.

Lenka brings out the best in people and gives you the confidence you need to step outside of your comfort zone and believe in yourself. She gives you the tools to deal with both the ups and downs.  Nothing is too much for her and she won’t stop until you have the answer/conclusion you need.

I now feel stronger to move forward with my vision and new direction of the business and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Lenka I can’t thank you enough for your one to one coaching, a must for anyone in business, no matter what stage your business is at.

– Jo Neville, Jo Neville Photography



Recently I have decided to expand my business exponentially  and I felt confused, unfocused, lacking the direction, not knowing where to put my energy to make the biggest progress.
I picked up the phone and called Lenka. It turned out to be a great decision.
Lenka has helped me focus and see the correct path in one session. Lenka has understood my needs and reassured my anxieties.
I now know where I can direct my energy to build strong base for my next business venture. 
I cannot wait to see what my next session with Lenka will do for my business and my own confidence.
Thank you for all your support, Lenka.
– Martina Vanickova, The Training Umbrella, Founder


“I think if I smile any harder my face will fall off. Feeling quite emotional and excited!

It was an amazing session which has provided me with such clarity. I can’t believe how much we got done!”

– Sarah-Helen Harris, UK