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Facebook Group Marketing for Coaches: Three tips to make it work

I swear to God, Facebook and Facebook groups specifically, are on my daily gratitude list. Without it, my business would probably not exist. You see, when I started to build my second coaching business from scratch, I didn’t have a ton of money to invest in advertising. Correction: I had HARDLY any money to invest. And whatever I did have,…

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Four mindset hacks that will skyrocket your success in business right away

I recall a conversation with one talented coach at the beginning of January. Let’s call her Sam (that’s not her real name, of course). She described how she’s “doing all the right things” (sending two emails per week, posting in her Facebook group, etc.) and yet, after several years in the coaching business, she still has not been able to…

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How to make your special offer work

This is what I heard a little while ago: “I sent out a newsletter about my 48-hour special offer, and nobody bought on day one. I feel very disappointed.” I hear you. And yet I’ve got to tell you this: sending out one newsletter is not exactly the definition of a special offer! You simply can’t rely on one newsletter to do…

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Giveaway Extravaganza

I am so incredibly grateful. This year has been PHENOMENAL for my business (I quadrupled it again!) and next year I am looking to make a 7-figure impact on the world.   A big part of my success has been creating a ton of valuable content for my clients. (I much recommend it, by the way!)   But. With a…

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Successful Launch Psychology – PART 1

Knowing how to sell out your launches with ease? Is one skill I consider essential when it comes to growing your business exponentially and creating quantum leaps in your business.

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3 perspectives that will turn you into a money magnet

One of my clients just reported to me that she has currently more than 100K sitting in her bank account. That’s after she took next to nothing through her coaching business last year; and after she invested hugely in her development and the fine luxuries that life has got to offer this year. She lives her life on purpose, making…

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Fiercely successful, fiercely loved

“My partner is not supporting my dream to grow a successful coaching business – and it hurts.” Whenever I hear something like this, my heart bleeds. You see, I too went through a marriage crisis when I was rebuilding my business. His discouraging words were sometimes simply too much. While my relationship survived this crisis, and even strengthened as a result…

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5 things I learned from the latest Get Fully Booked Academy launch

  Last week we kicked off the Get Fully Booked Academy with a Welcome & Orientation call. Whoa! So much energy, excitement and growth in the group already! But before we started, I took a few moments to reflect on this launch. You see, this was my shortest (3 weeks front to back) most profitable (£65.5K / $80K in contracted…

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7 Ways to Overcome “Not Enough Money”

When I started to re-build my business (and life) after I abruptly lost the first one, I was financially broke. I mean, really broke. My savings were gone; my income was suddenly non-existent; and any sense of security went out of the window. And “not enough money” story was re-written; a story that would penetrate through my day-to-day life with…

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How To Whitelist My Emails…

Ms Freaking Amazing, I am so thrilled to welcome you to my tribe! I truly appreciate that you are letting me into your inbox and I don`t take your trust for granted. I pride myself on sending you only goodness to your inbox. But what if my emails get lost and you can`t find them? Sometimes emails (even though you want to get them) can get…

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Welcome the new kid on the block: GET FULLY BOOKED ACADEMY Light


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Hate having people unsubscribe from your mailing list? Here’s what to do…

You work your butt off to grow your mailing list. And then you pour your heart out, sharing your best bits of wisdom via your newsletter. It took you several hours to write the last one. You did your best… only to find later that a bunch of people unsubscribed. And your self-talk goes all crazy: “F**k!! What did I do wrong?…

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How to get noticed in Facebook Groups

I see this kind of post in my Freaking Amazing group quite often: “Lenka, hope this is ok to post here, if not, please delete.” I won’t delete. I have no rules in my group around what to post and when (unless, of course, you hit me with a naked ass or a stream of super spammy posts). Still, I can…

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How to get a ton of stuff done

One of my gorgeous Get Fully Booked Academy clients asked me today: “How do you find so much energy…? I see your posts everywhere, and the material here is so detailed and complete! I am recently really struggling with still working full time, doing client work, creating an online course and creating marketing content… I know that part of it…

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How to overcome “I can’t afford you” objection

So you’re talking to your potential client during your discovery call, and you feel in your bones that you’re an AMAZING match for each other. You can help them SO much. The conversation flows. Until you state your fees and your clients hits you with the classic: “I would love to, but I can’t afford you!” Oh, haven’t we all…

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Here’s how to turn 75% + of your sales conversations into paying clients

I was speaking to one AMAZING coach a few weeks ago who shared: I’ve held over 20 discovery sessions recently, and none of those clients converted to paying clients. That’s insane. Especially since she’s a great coach. And so you are. So – if the story sounds somewhat familiar, here are just a few tips to help you convert those…

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Why does it take so long to succeed???

Last week two of my clients asked me one very embarrassing question: “With your experience in business, why did it take you almost two years to make your second business work?” Yep. It took me almost two years to brush off my epic failure, stand up, and rebuild my business. Almost two years before I could congruently say that my business…

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Is your business working FOR you, or are you working for your business?

I’m expecting a baby. I’m 16 weeks into my pregnancy and there’s no doubt my life is going to – once again – change in the most positive way. And my business with that. Of course. And that’s ok. Early this year I made the decision that no matter what, I will make my business work FOR me, rather than the…

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Giving: how can it boost your business (and change your life!)

Earlier this year, I joined a group programme facilitated by one of the coaches I highly respect. One of the marketing principles she taught us was this: “When giving away content, tell your audience what to do; but never how to do it.” The idea is to make your potential clients “hungry enough” to buy a paid service from you,…

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Two most important things you need to succeed in coaching business

I’ve just had one heck of an amazing week. I spent two days at the stunning Laura Ashley the Manor with amazing VIP clients, helping them to create massive breakthroughs in their business. This week we also finished the #MoneyHoney Challenge (over 600 ladies signed up). I served ten private clients and throughout the week I’ve been getting messages and emails…

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Ready for your first 20K month? Here’s how…

A few days ago I wrote a Facebook post that made me pause for about 5 minutes before pressing the “Post” button. Just in case you haven’t seen the original post, here’s what I wrote: “As I’m celebrating my first 20k month (I feel so humbled and grateful!!!), I reflected on what happened at the beginning of the month when…

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What you need to know about working with High-End Clients

Offering premium coaching packages and working with high-end clients is the best cure for undercharging and under-earning. And it’s a fabulous way to be able to serve your clients in a deeper, meaningful way that delivers big results. I too went from charging £75 per session to charging £10k for my coaching packages. It goes without saying that this was one…

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Refining my target market. Overcoming my fears.

As we’re entering the third quarter of 2015 (doesn’t time fly?), I recently took some time to reflect on how far I’ve come this year and where I’m heading. I must say that I’m really, really proud of myself. I’ve come far. I’m growing fast. And I cannot help to think: “Oh my goodness, I just LOVE my life!” about 10…

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Is it wrong to be driven by money?

I remember a coaching conversation with one of my clients from a few months ago. She said: “You know, I DO want to be financially successful. I do. But part of me thinks that it’s wrong to be driven by money.” Funny she said that. I used to think that way. After all, we’re here to serve people, so money…

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Want more success? Ask better questions!

I’ve heard this so many times: “Why nobody wants what I’m offering?” “What is wrong with me?” “Why is it not happening for me?” “Why is it so hard?” Well, nothing wrong about asking yourself these questions. Except: You ask lousy questions, you get lousy answers! There’s a part of your brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS for short). Apart…

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4 Things You Need To Sacrifice to Grow Your Business Exponentially

About one year ago or so, I was sitting in a circle of other coaches. It was a Mastermind type of event. One of the ladies said: “I’m so grateful for an abundance of clients I’m enjoying. I made £5k sales this month, and my client base is growing rapidly.” I so wanted to be happy for her. I said…

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[Free business building exercise] The Wheel of Business Success

How did one lady sign up three coaching clients in one day after struggling for 6 months? She completed my Wheel of Business Success exercise, got clarity she needed, and addressed the problem. And clients started to say “Yes!” the very next day. Do you need your moment of clarity? Click here to access the Wheel of Business Success exercise (audio…

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How to deal with rejection

You put your heart and soul into your work. You want to serve others by doing your best work. So you put your best article, best webinar, best offer out there. Press publish… …”only” 4 people show up… …nobody “likes” what you wrote… …nobody took you up on your offer… …and a few people unsubscribed… Shit. What now? Well. You…

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7 Day Gratitude Challenge

We’re starting tomorrow. It’s free. It’s simple. It’s life-transforming. Join us here. To your advantage, listen to ‘7-Day Gratitude Challenge’ on audioBoom  


Yes, you can!

“I lost my business” is part of my resume. And it sucks. But I’m rather open about it. What I don’t often talk about is the reason WHY I lost my (6-figure training & coaching) business. It brings up some rather painful memories but as they say, there is a lot to learn from pain… It happened 3 years ago….

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5 Ways to Become a Powerful Creator

I’ve been feeling very blessed lately. Now that the final preparations for my forthcoming Get Fully Booked Academy programme are in a full swing, I can say that I have the BEST panel of expert mentors on the planet (they are not on the website yet but watch this space); eight amazing women have signed up for the programme BEFORE the…

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5 signs you’re on your way to your greatest success

Taking your life and business to a whole new level can be one of the most exciting times in your life. I know this because that’s what I’m experiencing right now. At the same time, it takes some pain. Seriously. Not many people talk about this. They would rather let you believe that they “built a 6-figure business in a…

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A special message for purpose-driven women in business

I don’t often do this. In fact, I’ve never done this before. But today, I am reaching out to you with a special message from me, because I truly believe that it can be of a huge value to you! With love, Lenka listen to ‘A special message for purpose-driven women in business’ on audioBoom

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Why I LOVE my business coach…

I love coaching. There’s no secret about it. It gives me such a buzz to see women getting the “ah-ha” moments, clarity and confidence needed to create the life and business they love. Call me a hypocrite but it didn’t occur to me that I needed (or wanted?) my own business coach until late last year. I just didn’t give…

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How to use your Happiness Advantage to boost your productivity, results and income

“Once I make more money, grow my business, land that long anticipated promotion, lose weight, or find my soulmate… then I will be happy.” Have you ever caught yourself thinking something like that? Most women think like that. They believe that once they achieve more success they will be happier. (I know that because I used to be one of…

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A Cautionary Tale About Not Charging Your Worth

So there I was, having just finished four amazing NLP training days. It was a big deal for me. I had just trained a Senior Vice President of one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Throughout these four days, I had plenty of positive feedback and I knew he loved the course. Still, I wanted a review. So…

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Making the BIG leap

I am making some big leaps in my business. And I’m stretched to the limit. This week I took more money through my business than in the whole of December, my coaching diary is almost full, I have two events to organise for the next week, and my “to do list” is longer than …hmm, what’s that expression?  Normally, I…

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Get Fully Booked: 15 Ways to Increase Your Business Credibility

It would be nice to live in a world where the process of building a successful business would look like this: Get a business idea Develop your products or services Offer your products/services to prospective clients Hurray! Enjoy a stream of clients knocking on your door Unfortunately, we human beings (and our buying decision strategies) are a bit more complicated…

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My 30 Day Blogging Marathon: I DID it!

I felt terrified when I said “yes” to Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge at the beginning of this month. But her promise ‘I love blogging. By the end of this challenge you will too.’ was too good to ignore. This is my final challenge blog post, and all I can say is: I am so glad I went for it!…

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5 steps to overcoming your fear of sales

My hands were shaking. My eyes were fixed on the picture of a black BMW stuck above my desk, in the hope it would motivate me to make that call. I didn’t want to do it. I wished someone else could call that lady. And I knew I should be happy that someone had enquired about my courses. But I…

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7 wonderful things I am going to hold on to in 2015

In just a few days, we will say Goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015. Mandy Hale would say to us: “As we look to the New Year, hold on to what is good. Let go of what is bad. It really is that simple.” In that spirit, here are the seven wonderful things I will definitely be holding on to…

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21 inspirational quotes about gratitude

Living in today’s world of “more”, it is easy to forget how fortunate we already are. We have friends and family; we have sun. We have an abundance of opportunities; we have nature. We have music. Many of us enjoy health, shelter above our heads, food in the fridge, a delicious cup of coffee / tea every morning, and love…

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NLP board breaking

Simple way to break through your self-imposed limitations

During  “My Extraordinary 2015” event, we will be doing a karate style board break. Whenever I facilitate this powerful exercise, I am taken back to my very first board breaking experience. Let me tell you, I was afraid. I didn’t want to be the one who breaks her bones instead of the wood. It looked hard. I didn’t want to fail….

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28 questions to help you make your 2015 extraordinary (FREE Printable)

Time flies and the end of the year is practically here. When did that happen??? Most of us are living at such a fast pace that we never really stop to see where we are at in life, and where we want to go. We just carry on with our head down. But if we don’t look up from time…

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What is love? Ask kids!

Yay, it’s Christmas! So for day 24 of my blogging marathon, I decided to share with you the findings of the best research project – ever! (Apologies, I could not find the original source of this study!) A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, “What does love mean?” The answers they got…

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How to develop an Abundance Mindset

I grinned like a little kid while reading through one of the emails in my inbox today. It was from one of the women I worked with a couple of weeks ago. Her positivity, her courage to make tough decisions, her boldness to make big plans for 2015, her determination to fulfil her dreams…. all of these just shone through…

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The longest testimonial ever (and a transformational journey of one beautiful woman)

I’m putting a new page together for my website, so I popped in to my inbox to pull out a couple of testimonials. I came across this wonderful testimonial from Rocsana, one of my training clients. While the testimonial has been sitting in my inbox for a while, I haven’t published it yet. It needs to be shortened quite a…

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My wake up call

Today I wanted to share with you something deeply personal and something I am embarrassed about. There is a reason for it though. After I had lost my business two and half years ago, I launched a new business immediately. I knew that no matter how low I felt, employment was simply not an option for me. I still had big…

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The power of believing that you can improve

In this fascinating talk, Carol Dweck will introduce you to “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems. Forget the word “failure” and get inspired!

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Stepping Up!

Women who are still in employment and want to start their business often prefer to be coached in the evening when their official work day is over. And I don’t mind. In fact, I love it. I give my kids a bath, I read stories with them; I put them to bed.  Then off I go with a nice cup…

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